A Boeing 737-800, one step away from tragedy in Salzburg (Video)

29 October 2017 brought storms on the old continent. Strong shear winds were also recorded in Salzburg, where aircraft crews were in difficulty.

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A Boeing 737-800 (SP-ESA), which operates the E4503 flight from Frankfurt / Main (Germany) to Salzburg (Austria), was on the verge of a tragedy in Salzburg.

A few seconds before the touchdown, a strong wind from the side caused the aircraft to lean far to the right, being close to reaching the ground with the wing.

Just a tragedy in Salzburg

The pilots countered the aircraft's twist and canceled the landing. After 5 minutes of go around, the crew decided to return to Frankfurt. After 70 minutes of go around and under the careful coordination of air traffic controllers, the Enter Air aircraft landed in Frankfurt.

For the passengers of this race, the day of 29 October 2017 will remain in their memories for a long time.

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