A Boeing 737 MAX Korean Air descended almost 8000 meters in 5 minutes, injuring 17 people!

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A flight Korean Air had to be diverted to Incheon International Airport on Saturday due to a pressurization system failure after descending 8000 meters in 5 minutes, injuring 17 passengers.

According to Taiwan's Taipei Times, Korean Air flight KE189, which was flying from Seoul to Taichung on Saturday, June 22, received a warning of a pressurization system failure. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 was over Jeju Island at FL350 about 50 minutes after takeoff when the pilots received the alert.

As a result, they descended the plane from 35000 feet to 8000 feet in 5 minutes, according to flight instrument data. The plane reached the safe altitude and stood by before returning to Seoul for a safe landing 2,5 hours after takeoff.

17 people received medical assistance upon landing. South Korea's Ministry of Transport reported that 15 passengers suffered from hyperventilation and ear pain following the sudden change in cabin pressure.

The flight resumed the next morning with another plane MAX. All 125 passengers of Korean Air Flight KE189 have finally arrived safely in Taichung, Taiwan, one day after the incident. Korean Air apologized for the incident and said it was investigating the matter.

Passengers described scenes of panic and distress on board, with oxygen masks falling off and children crying during the sudden descent. A passenger, identified as Tseng, told a local publication that the children on board the flight were crying when the oxygen masks were put on during the flight's dive.

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