fbpx A Boeing 747 landed on Baneasa

A Boeing 747-400 Corsairfly, the Baneasa

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Here is the grand finale Uefa Europa League it also comes with a novelty for the airport Baneasa. a Boeing 747-400 operated by Corsairfly brought the delegation and the Athletic Bilbao football team to Bucharest, approximately 600 persons. It is the largest plane that has landed at Aurel Vlaicu airport lately.

Boeing 747-400 Corsairfly, la Baneasa

From the information on Baneasa, it looks like there will be 2 more landings - charter flights. The Atlético Madrid football team delegation will arrive in about an hour. We are curious what aircraft they traveled with!

The Uefa Europa League final will take place on 9 May, between Athletic Bilbao and Atlético Madrid, at the National Arena in Bucharest!

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