A Boeing 767-300ER Air Canada safely landed in Madrid with technical problems

A Boeing 767-300ER Air Canada safely landed in Madrid with technical problems

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This afternoon, the Boeing 767-300ER (C-GHOZ) Air Canada took off from Madrid to Toronto at 14:57 pm. The plane was supposed to operate flight AC837 on the Madrid - Toronto route, and there were 130 passengers on board.

On the ascent, the tire of one of the wheels on the left leg of the landing gear exploded. A piece of rubber was pulled in the left engine, which led to its failure. And witnesses saw flames coming out of the engine. In aviation it is called flameout.

Following the incident, the pilots announced the control tower intending to return to Madrid airport. Taking into account the problems of the plane, the left engine damaged and the front wheelless wheel, the pilots had to keep the plane in flight for 4-5 hours to consume much of the fuel. This was done at a low altitude of about 2500 meters altitude, far from the inhabited areas.

While the plane was flying for fuel, a F18 military aircraft belonging to the Spanish Air Force approached for visual inspection and escort.

LIVE Boeing 767-300ER Air Canada in Madrid

The moment of landing of the Boeing 767-300ER Air Canada

Finally, the aircraft landed well at Barajas - Madrid International Airport where dozens of ambulances and fire engines were ready to intervene.

Boeing 767-300ER (C-GHOZ) Air Canada is 31 years old. He operated the first flight on March 31, 1989. He flew to Varig, an airline in Brazil. Arrived in the Air Canada fleet 15 years ago.

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