(Video) A Boeing 767-300ER American Airlines in flames

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Friday, 28 October 2016, aircraft Boeing 767-323ER (N345AN reg.) American Airlines it was engulfed in flames. She was preparing to take off for flight AA383, route from Chiago to Miami. While running to the take-off position for runway 28R, a fire broke out on the right side of the aircraft.

Boeing 767-300ER American Airlines in flames


Shortly, the plane was evacuated, and the intervention units arrived on the spot. Although it intervened fairly quickly, the aircraft suffered major damage. Much of the right wing burned, but also part of the fuselage. According to investigators, the fire would have appeared at the right engine.

There were 170 people (161 passengers and 9 crew members). During the evacuation, 21 people suffered minor injuries. There were no victims.

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