UPDATE: A Boeing 777-200ER Asiana Airlines missed landing at San Francisco airport (photo / video)

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16 Update: 26 (Romania time): The two teenagers, victims of the tragic plane crash in 6 July 2013, are Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia from China, Zhejiang Province. The girls were part of a group of 29 students and 5 teachers. They went to a summer school in the United States. We recall that 123 of passengers escaped without injury and others 182 were injured. 49 of them are in worse condition, 5 being in critical situations and hospitalized in San Francisco.

NTSB officials said the black boxes were recovered and sent to Washington, DC for investigation. The plane was up to date with the technical review, and Asiana officials said that there were minimal chances for technical or aircraft malfunctions.


On Sunday morning, the Minister of Transport and Development of South Korea said that there were 4 pilots on board, who were piloting the plane in rotation during the 10 flight hours. At the time of landing, Lee Jeong-min, pilot with 12387 flight hours, including 3220 hours on the Boeing 777, was at the aircraft's landing. The co-pilot was Lee Gang-guk with 9793 flight hours, including 43 hours on Boeing 777.

15 Update: 12 (Romania time): It appears that one of the victims was thrown from the plane when he hit the pier at the end of the runway and his tail broke off. The second victim was found fleeing the aircraft's fuselage. Both were on the rear seats of the 777-200ER plane, most likely on the left side.

11 Update: 53 (Romania time): Authorities reported 2 deaths (2 Chinese born in 1996 and 1997) and 182 injured, 49 of them with more serious injuries - burns and internal fractures. 123 people escaped unharmed. It appears that the dead were behind the plane. There were 777 passengers and 200 crew members on board the Boeing 291-16ER Asiana Airlines.

At a first assessment of the case, it appears that the plane was misplaced at the landing and struck the tail end of the runway 28L. Thus the tail broke off and caused the aircraft to derail to the left. Several debris could be seen on the runway immediately after the accident, including parts of the tail of the aircraft.

Passengers, as well as witnesses, say that the plane came too far to land, flew too close to the bay. One passenger said the pilot tried a go around at the last moment, running the engines at full speed a few moments before the impact. Even if the procedure failed, it may have saved lives.

The investigation is ongoing and it will be weeks and even months until we find out the causes that led to the unfortunate accident. Yoon Young-Doo, Asiana Airlines CEO, said that 3 pilots had over 10 000 flight hours and the co-pilot over 5000 hours. As far as I know, the Boeing 777 needs two people in the cockpit, but it looks like it was flying in a four-way formula. The aircraft commander was experienced in handling this type of aircraft and made landings in San Francisco. But something didn't go well on 6 July 2013.

Below are pictures of the accident:

(source photo: CNN)

2 Update: 19 (Romania time): Talk between the control tower and Boeing 777-300ER Asiana Airlines.

1 Update: 28 (Romania time): NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) held a press conference in Washington, DC A team of specialists has been sent to San Francisco to investigate the accident with the FAA and will determine the causes. NTSB President Deborah Hersman will lead the investigations.

A brief press conference was also held at the airport in San Francisco. Doug Yakel, Public Information Officer SFO, was booked for statements.

Update: The San Francisco Airport Fire Department reported 61 of the injured, 13 of whom were transported to the hospital. 2 dead were confirmed.

At 11: 28, San Francisco local time, a Boeing 777-200ER (HL7742) Asiana Airlines had a problem landing at the airport in San Francisco. The plane flying OZ214 had 303 people on board, 12 crew members (16 figure also displayed in the press) and 291 passengers (61 US citizens, 77 from South Korea, 141 from China, and other nationalities). was from Seoul, South Korea. Passengers were evacuated on slides, there may be victims. The information is still unclear as to the causes of the accident and the condition of the passengers.

Several voices in the international press say that the plane had hit the tailstrike (Tailstrike), while others say it had failed the main landing gear, there are still rumors that the plane had problems on board before landing. But all this is just speculation and assumptions. We await the report of the specialists investigating the case.

When there are such problems, the pilots constantly communicate with the control tower and the best decisions are made to make the landing safely. It is very important that there are no victims following the incident.

Below is a photo taken by David Eun, Samsung Executive Vice President. He surprised the moment when the passengers were evacuated on the slides.


And what's left of the plane…


The Boeing 777-200ER (HL7742) was 8 years and 4 months old. He made his first flight on February 25, 2005. He was powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW4090 engines. The 777 series is my favorite and I can say that it is one of the safest in civil aviation. According to official information, this seems to be the 3rd most serious incident involving a Boeing 777.

Unfortunately, the Boeing 777-200ER (HL7742) plane was destroyed in great proportion and will no longer be repaired. From the images presented by CTV, I noticed that several remnants of the plane are on runway 28L. The left engine and tail were detached from the fuselage, and much of the aircraft's cabin burned down. San Francisco Airport has been closed for several hours, during which time first aid crews can intervene to clear the runway, treat passengers and investigate the aircraft.

I would like to point out that Asiana Airlines has 5 Skytrax stars and is part of the elite group alongside Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, Ana and Hainan Airlines.

The news is being updated!

  1. Master RA says

    As far as I know, I think it is the only major accident involving this plane gem, B 777.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      There have been incidents, but this one is the only major.

  2. Master RA says

    That's what I said, it's the only accident, a major incident. Let's not forget who we're talking about: B777, maybe the best plane, from all points of view, Asiana - 5 stars according to Skytrax, and that says it all, the airport in SF, really very crowded, but without problems, weather, ideal weather conditions for aviation… .. I am very curious to see the conclusion reached by the accident investigation commission, and here the Americans have perhaps the most experience!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Tailstrike seems to be confirmed. The plane's tail reached the runway on landing and from here everything happened… But we are waiting for the final results, It is possible that the plane had some problems from the air

  3. Master RA says

    That with the tail I understood, the problem is why it got here.

  4. Master RA says

    Never does a plane crash occur due to a single fact, there is always an accumulation of facts or mistakes!

  5. Bill Ross says

    The 777 was designed exclusively using CAD technology (using the 3 version of the CATIA program), being the first aircraft designed without the construction of test structures before. The verification of the joints and the construction techniques was also done digitally, all the built structures being included in the airplanes themselves. The aircraft was intended to serve as an immediate superior Boeing 767 model, and was built in consultation with airlines (United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, ANA, British Airways, JAL, Qantas, and Cathay Pacific). came from United Airlines on 1990, and the first flight took place at 14 June 1994 at the Boeing factory in Everett, near Seattle. It was the first ETOPS 180 certified twin-engine plane (being able to fly at maximum 180 minutes from any airport able to take it).

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