A Boeing 777-300ER Air India has landed on Otopeni as a matter of urgency

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It seems that this day did not start too well for a crew and passengers Boeing 777-300ER Air India. A Boeing 777 with 320 passengers on board, flying on the route New Delhi (India) - Frankfurt (Germany), landed at Otopeni airport as a matter of urgency, this morning, following an alert of possible smoke in the hold.

The aircraft landed at 7: 32, and passengers were landed at the terminal, and, according to the information on the spot, no injuries were recorded.

The control teams are investigating whether it was a fire on board, a sensor error or a short circuit.

Following the checks, the airline will decide whether the passengers will continue their flight with the same aircraft or if they will be taken by another aircraft, according to Otopeni Airport representatives.

The passengers of the plane will depart to their destination with the same aircraft, after completing all the necessary checks, for which Air India company asked a specialist technician on the Boeing 777. The departure decision is made only by the commander of the aircraft. Passengers will benefit from all the services provided by law for such situations.

Update 14.30: Some of the passengers are staying at a hotel, others have left for Frankfurt with other flights operated from Otopeni! The 777-300ER aircraft is still on the ground and waiting to be inspected by a Boeing 777 specialist.

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