An F-16 was accidentally destroyed by a technician at a Belgian military base

On Thursday, 11 October 2018, a less common incident took place at a military base in Belgium. One technician mistakenly opened fire on an F-16, which led to an explosion and the destruction of the military aircraft.

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Dorel hits again. This time at a base in Belgium near Florennes. Dorel is that character from Romanian mythology, who performs an inappropriate action at an inappropriate moment. That's what happened on Thursday, October 11, when a technician accidentally opened fire on an F-2018. Obviously, the fire opened it from another military plane.

As a result of his action, the F-16 plane was completely destroyed, and another suffered serious damage. An explosion was also recorded due to kerosene filled tanks. As a result of the deflagration, 2 technicians, who were working at F-16, were injured. One of them was hospitalized because he reported hearing problems.

An F-16 Belgian Air Force was accidentally destroyed by a technician

Given that a new F-16 Fighting Falcon costs around 40 million, the damage was significant to the Belgian army. The incident is being investigated by a military commission. The point is that it has not been reported as a deliberate, intentional action.

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