A Japanese has traveled with 156 from different airlines

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A Japanese photographer used 156 from different airlines to travel across 100 countries, photographing for aviation magazines. Thus he managed to set a new world record.

Charlie Furusho

To certify the new record, Charlie Furusho alias Ryuji Furusho, aged 41 and residing in Narita, Japan, sent to Guinness World Records (Guinness Book) all boarding books from January 1996 to January 2014, proving that flew with 182 from different airlines. Guinness Book eliminated charter and helicopter flights, resulting in Charlie Furusho using 156 from different airlines. The previous record was of 108 different airlines used by a passenger.

Speaking at an event at Chubu Centrair International Airport in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Furusho said: "It is interesting to note the cultural differences between countries depending on the food served on board and the crew uniforms."

(news: www.air-journal.fr, photo: www.japantimes.co.jp)

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