A Lithuanian man flew alone on a 189 plane. Here's why!

A Lithuanian man flew alone on a 189 plane. Here's why!

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On 16 March 2019, a Lithuanian was the only passenger on a 189 plane seat. Obviously, the pilots and the 5 crew members were missing.

This is Skirmantas Strimaitis, who flew from Vilnius to Bergamo - Milan for a ski holiday. However how did you get to be the only passenger in a Boeing 737-800 from 189 seats?

A Lithuanian man flew alone

The travel agency Novaturas rented a plane to transport a group of tourists from Italy to Lithuania. And they thought about selling tickets on the flight, so that they wouldn't fly with the empty plane.

Unfortunately, they failed to sell all the tickets. Only Skirmantas Strimaitis dared to buy a ticket on this flight. And so he lived a unique experience, which he will not forget too soon.

During the 2 flight hours, the Lithuanian was able to test all the places on the plane and he felt special, as in a business jet :).

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