A minor was stopped at Craiova Airport because he did not have the necessary documents to leave the country!

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A woman, who tried to leave the country with a minor even though she did not have the necessary documents, was stopped at Craiova Airport.

A mixed team made up of border police officers and a police officer of the Air Transport Bureau carried out an action inside the Craiova Airport. Thus, they checked, in the area of ​​the boarding gates, a woman who was traveling with a minor, in the direction of Brussels-Belgium.

The police team checked the boarding tickets and travel documents of the persons. The child's mother did not have the necessary documents to leave the country with the minor. He did not have the legalized consent of the other parent or a travel document attesting that he was moving to his home/residence. People were not allowed to leave the country.

Documents required when leaving the country

Here we remind you which documents are required when leaving the country in the case of minor Romanian citizens, depending on the situation:

If the minor is traveling accompanied only by a parent or a third person, the following are required:

  • Valid travel document.
  • The consent of the other parent if traveling accompanied by only one parent.
  • The consent of both parents when traveling accompanied by a person other than the parent.
  • Only the travel document if they travel to their home/residence and provide proof of this.
  • Only the consent of one of the parents when traveling for studies/competitions/medical treatment and proves the stated purpose of the trip.

If the minor is over 16 and traveling unaccompanied he will need:

  • Valid travel document.
  • Consent from both parents.
  • Only travel document if it provides proof of domicile/residence in the country to which you are travelling.

Accompanying minors, other than the parents or legal representative, are no longer required to present the criminal record certificate in physical format, it is consulted electronically by the border police. However, if the border policeman finds that the minor's companion has committed certain crimes provided by law, he will not be allowed to leave the country with the minor.

It should be noted that they have not changed travel conditions for minor Romanian citizens in the Schengen Area. They will need the same travel documents as before.

For trips to non-Schengen states, both for Romanian adults and minors, the travel conditions remain unchanged, and the documents will be checked at the Border Police control filters.

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  1. Alin Manea says

    That's exactly why we didn't deserve to be in Schengen, because of people like these.

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