New speed record on New York - London route (video)

New speed record on New York - London route (video)

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A Boeing 747-400 from British Airways has set a new speed record on Sunday, February 9, 2020, on the New York JFK - London Heathrow. Thus, the aircraft traveled the distance in less than five hours.

The speed of the Jet Stream over the North Atlantic has increased the speed of the aircraft. Due to high-altitude winds, the Boeing 747-400 (G-CIVP) traveled the distance from New York to London in 4 hours and 56 minutes, according to flightradar24.

A new speed record on the New York - London route

Queen of the Skies reached a maximum ground speed of 825 mph / 717 knots (1327,7 km / h), leading to the setting of the new record. Normally, the aircraft was supposed to land in London at around 06:25. But due to the altitude currents, the plane landed at 04:43, 80 minutes earlier. Jet Streams have reached new speed records due to the Ciara storm, which is heading to Europe.

And this was not the only "push from the back" flight. Virgin Atlantic flights received help from the jet stream: VS4 in 4:57 hours and VS46 in 4:59 hours. The VS4 and VS46 flights were operated by Airbus A350-1000 aircraft.

I think this is the case to update top of the fastest commercial flights!

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