A recalcitrant passenger received the bill from the airline: 85000 of pounds

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On 22 June 2019, the London Stansted - Dalaman flight was diverted to the departure airport. An 25-year-old had a disruptive, violent behavior and endangered the plane by trying to open the door during the flight.

The young woman was arrested and sentenced to pay damages, the bill being 85 000 for pounds. At the same time, she received a lifetime ban on flying with the Jet2 operator. It was released on bail until August 11th.

A recalcitrant passenger must pay 85 000 for pounds

The flight was operated by the British airline Jet2. Company officials said they would do everything possible to recover the damage caused by this woman. They mentioned that it was one of the worst cases with recalcitrant passengers.

What NOT to do on the plane / Don't be an idiot, mitochondria and senseless passenger

We mention that the plane was accompanied to 2 aircraft by landing RAF Typhoon. They broke the sound barrier on the flight to Jet2.

This case is not unique. A passenger must pay 172 000 for damages to Hawaiian Airlines. And another passenger was fined $ 4000 for smoking on the plane.

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