One of the victims of the Asiana Airlines accident, from 6 July, died from an intervention car (video)

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The title is not a joke. The autopsy results show that the young Ye Mengyuan survived the plane crash, but later died from bruises caused by at least one car.

The 16-year-old was behind the Boeing 777-200ER. By the time the aircraft hit the ground, its tail was detached and several people were thrown out, and one of them was Ye Mengyuan. Firefighters quickly came to the scene of the accident and used fire retardant foam to extinguish the fire quickly, but they also covered the victim. This could not be seen by the intervention teams and one of the cars stepped on it. The bad luck caused Ye Mengyuan to be among the 3 people who died from the unfortunate accident.


Now the investigations are beginning to determine exactly why this person could not be observed by the intervention teams and the conditions in which he was injured by one or more cars. Although San Francisco airport intervention teams have done their best, here's a little announcement about the problem.

I really appreciate the transparency of this accident. Local authorities, NTSB, police, all sought to present the situation step by step. And it is worth noting that they did not hide and did not try to hide the accident presented above.

Investigations are continuing!

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