UNCAF calls for minimum prices to be set for flights to and from France.

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The National Union of French Airlines (UNCAF) calls for minimum prices for domestic flights from France and for those to Europe and long-haul.

UNCAF denounce "Aggressive communication based on very low prices that give consumers the impression that a flight should not cost more than a menu in fast food restaurants. These flights mean a loss of billions of euros that can no longer be offset by French taxation. "

UNCAF thus indicates that "Offers for 1 euro or even 29.90 euros do not even cover taxes" and states that it wants to end these practices. To do this, the organization requires the government to impose minimum fares on air carriers:

  • 350 euros (taxes included) for domestic round trips
  • 450 euros (taxes included) for round trips to or from destinations in Europe
  • 550 euros (taxes included) for round-trip flights to or from all other destinations in the world.

To justify this recurring position, the union denounces „The fierce appetite of low cost airlines for the market from France" which, according to him, led to "An explosion in domestic and intra-European air traffic, amid distortions of competition by positioning airlines' headquarters in countries with 'adapted' taxes and inciting violations of French social law."

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