Where could we fly after May 15th? Some interesting routes.

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We are going through hard times because of the new coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed a planet, blocked industries, isolated people. Authorities have taken the most drastic measures in the hope that they will be able to block the spread of the virus. They imposed travel restrictions and social distance measures.

Unfortunately, we do not know what the future holds for us in everyday life. We all want to get out of the house and go to work, travel, see our families and friends. But everything is uncertain, and local, regional and global authorities have not announced with subject and predicate what measures they will take for the near future.

Where could we fly after May 15th?

In Romania, there is still talk of the period after May 15, but no one knows exactly what and how it will be. Ministry of Interior posted in decisional transparency the proposal on the set of measures for the prevention and control of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, measures applicable after the lifting of the state of emergency, starting with May 15, 2020.

But for now, there are some proposals. Among them we find the fact that flights to and from red zone countries could be suspended after 15 mai. So, for now, we can't make plans for trips to / from destinations in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, USA and Turkey.

Possible flights after May 15

And yet we hope that some flights can be operated. As before, there were destinations to which you could fly without restrictions.

Flights operated by Wizz Air

Wizz Air was the only airline with regular flights to / from Romania between March and May 2020, when the state of emergency was established. see Wizz Air flights operated from Romania between 15-31 May 2020. Wizz Air flies from Romania to destinations in Hungary (Targu Mures - Budapest), Portugal (Bucharest - Lisbon), Sweden (Bucharest / Cluj - Malmo and Bucharest - Stockholm), Denmark (Bucharest / Iasi - Billund) and Norway (Bucharest - Oslo). And we hope that these flights can be operated after May 15. Plus new ones, where you can.

Flights operated by TAROM

TAROM operated flights on the route Bucharest - Athens, on Mondays and Fridays. We expect this route to be maintained after May 15th. MAYBE the flights will be resumed on the route Bucharest - Thessaloniki. We mention that Greece is not on the list of countries in the red zone.

From May 18, TAROM will resume flights on domestic routes Bucharest - Cluj, Bucharest - Iasi, Bucharest - Oradea and Bucharest - Timisoara.

Flights operated by Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines has announced the resumption of flights on the route Prague - Bucharest, as of May 25, 2020. The Czech Republic is not on the list of red zone countries. So it would not be a problem in operating these flights. That is if the Romanian authorities do not change the status of the Czech Republic, after May 15.

Flights operated by Croatia Airlines

Flights could be operated on the route Bucharest - Zagreb. Croatia Airlines plans to resume domestic flights from May 11. The route Bucharest - Zagreb appears in the booking system for flights from June 1, 2020.

Flights operated by RYANAIR

Ryanair, the No. 1 airline in Europe, has announced resumption of flights on the route Bucharest - London Stansted. Between May 15 and May 28, 3 weekly flights will be operated (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Here we must mention that the route entered the short list of flights operated by RYANAIR. And we point out that the United Kingdom is currently one of the countries in the red zone. Under these conditions, the operation of flights to London is uncertain. We are waiting for the final decision of the authorities.

After May 15, we hope to resume flights on the following routes

After May 15, we hope to resume flights to other destinations and countries in the yellow zone. These include: Bucharest - Larnaca, Bucharest - Tel Aviv, Bucharest - Cairo, Bucharest - Warsaw, Bucharest - Malta. At least for Romania, the mentioned destinations are not in the red risk zone.

However, as we have mentioned in other articles, these flights must be subject to bilateral agreements. It is not enough for Romania to allow these flights, but for them to be accepted by the other countries as well.

At the same time, do not forget that there are currently rules for entering the country. All persons arriving from international trips in the yellow zone will be placed in solitary confinement at home for 14 days. If the arrival is made from the red zone, then one enters the institutionalized quarantine. These rules have all the chances to be maintained even after May 15th.

Also, before you buy your plane tickets, document yourself very well about the measures imposed by the authorities in the destination country. After May 15, there will definitely be new travel rules and restrictions.

Also consider the following information: The mask becomes mandatory on the plane, plus other rules to be observed during the flight.

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