Where is Airbus A380 currently flying? See the destinations!

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2020 will remain in the aviation history book as the year of hell / year COVID-19. Aviation is on the ground and I have written many articles in which I have sounded numerous alarm signals about the dramatic situation of the airlines.

I wrote about bankruptcy of some airlines, about the dramatic drop in passenger traffic at most airports around the world, about how 2/3 of the global fleet remained on the ground for 2 months. And even now the situation is not worse.

Most of the A380's fleet is on the ground

But 2020 will remain in the history of aviation and as the year in which we said goodbye to many legendary aircraft, including the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747. And let's see where the Airbus A380 flies, this super-layered jumbo of commercial aviation.

At the beginning of 2020, the global fleet of A380 aircraft operated up to 2400 flights a week. Most were operated by Emirates A380 aircraft. If we remove them from the equation, we find that approximately 1100 flights were operated with A380 aircraft from the fleets of other airlines.


But the pandemic came and the number of flights operated by A380 planes dropped to 17 a week, a statistic recorded in mid-May. And here it is worth mentioning that there were no frequent flights with passengers, but cargo, repatriation or repositioning for long-term storage.


Air France, Lufthansa and many other airlines have decided to give up the services of A380 aircraft because the COVID-19 pandemic has blocked flights, the number of passengers has fallen sharply and, in these conditions, the use of such large aircraft is no longer justified. Most of the global A380 fleet is on the ground.

See destinations where you can still admire the Airbus A380

Currently, the remaining A380 aircraft are operating between 80 and 110 flights a week. And, obviously, most of them are operated by the Emirates A380.

And as destinations, you can admire them in Dubai (DXB), Guangzhou (CAN), London (LHR), Paris (CDG). Occasionally and at Amsterdam, Moscow, Vancouver, Tokyo and Cairo. Unfortunately, this is the reality.

Airbus A380 is a plane loved by passengers for its comfort, for its imposing but coarse silhouette. But, unfortunately, it is not a cheap plane in operational service. He hasn't been completely retired yet, but Airbus has decided not to produce it.

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