Hungary closes its borders for foreigners, including Romanians, from September 1.

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From September 1, Hungary will close its borders to foreigners. Measures are being taken to limit the increase in the number of infections with the new coronavirus. And Hungarians returning to the country from abroad will have to be quarantined at home, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff said on Friday, quoted by Reuters, AFP and MTI.

According to the quoted source, from September 1, foreigners will be able to enter the country only in justified cases. Exceptions to the rule will be military convoys, humanitarian transit and business or humanitarian travel. The details of these measures and the exceptions to the application of the measure will be finalized on Saturday morning, during a meeting in which Viktor Orban will also participate.

As for Hungarian citizens returning from abroad, Gergely Gulyas said that they will only be able to get out of quarantine after two negative tests at COVID-19.

Orban's chief of staff also said that these rules to combat the COVID-19 pandemic will be in place for at least a month. He said restrictions were needed to allow school to resume next week to protect people and the economy.

Hungary registered 132 new cases on Friday, the highest daily toll since the peak of the pandemic. Hungary had a total of 5.511 cases of coronavirus, of which 614 were deaths.


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