Hungary closes its borders until the end of October. Transit is allowed without restrictions!

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On 1 October 2020, the Government of Hungary decided to maintain for a period of one month the entry restrictions in this state, applicable from 1 September 2020.

Hungary closes its borders in October

In this regard, foreign nationals may NOT enter Hungary for tourism purposes, except in situations subject to a derogation:

  • for participating in an administrative or judicial procedure, by presenting a document issued by a court or institution;
  • for carrying out a business or other professional activity, justified by an invitation issued by central, local public authorities or autonomous administrations;
  • if the presence in Hungary is justified by medical purposes, by presenting a medical letter or other medical certificate;
  • for the participation in examinations of pupils and students, if the educational institution attests this fact by a certificate;
  • Exemptions may also be granted to employees working in the field of freight transport when entry into the country concerns travel to the place of work (departure of transport), respectively return to the country after completion of transport of goods, proven by a certificate from the employer;
  • for participating in the ceremonies of close relatives (marriage, death, baptism);
  • for the care of relatives, according to Article V of the Hungarian Civil Code;
  • for participating in international events in the fields of sports, culture or religion;
  • for other justified reasons.

The request for a derogation will be addressed to the competent local police, depending on the point of entry into Hungarian territory. In the case of people arriving by plane at Budapest airport, the competent police is that of Sector XVIII Budapest. Requests for derogation shall be sent exclusively by electronic means in Hungarian or English to the address

Applications may be rejected by the police if:

  • there are doubts about the real purpose of entering Hungary;
  • there are epidemiological, public security or national security risks on the part of the person wishing to enter Hungary.

The documents underlying the justification for the derogation will have to be submitted in original to the Hungarian border authorities on the date of entry into the country.

Provisions for economic and business travel

Starting with September 5, 2020 - according to art. 10 / B para. (1) of the Government Decree no. 408 of 2020 (VIII. 30.), foreign citizens can enter Hungary, without restrictions, for the purpose of carrying out commercial or economic activities if they certify this upon entry.

In this regard, business people will present supporting documents that will justify the purpose of the trip. Travel can take many forms (trade negotiations, participation in an exhibition, purchase of raw materials, etc.), so the entity in whose interest the entry is to take place must certify in a document (signed on behalf of the company) that the entry will take place for commercial or economic purposes, also indicating the concrete reason.

At the same time, the MFA states that the Hungarian authorities may allow access to Hungary, for a maximum period of 24 hours, for the citizens of the states neighboring Hungary, within a maximum radius of 30 kilometers from the border. They are obliged to remain within a radius of 30 km and must leave the territory of Hungary within a maximum of 24 hours.

Hungarian citizens living in the border area at a distance of 30 km and returning from neighboring countries may enter without restrictions if their period of stay abroad does not exceed 24 hours and if they have not left the radius of 30 km from the border line. border on the territory of the neighboring state.

Seasonal workers in Romania can also enter Hungarian territory, provided that the Hungarian employer submits an electronic form with their identification data to the Hungarian police. The border crossing points for this purpose will be established by the Hungarian police leadership.

Exceptions and transit considerations

COVID-19 test is NOT required for transit through Hungary.

With regard to transit, the Hungarian authorities stated that it is allowed, under the following conditions:

  • the duration of the transit should not exceed 24 hours;
  • people do not show symptoms specific to COVID-19 infection;
  • persons in transit must present a document which unequivocally shows the purpose of the trip and the country of destination, respectively to have secured entry into the territory of the neighboring state of Hungary, located on the transit route to the country of destination.

Transit will only take place on the routes designated and published on Hungarian police website, being explicitly indicated the places of stop / rest.

The following border crossing points are open for the transit of Romanian citizens:

  • BORS II - NAGYKEREKI, intended for the international trafficking of persons and goods;
  • PETEA - CSENGERSIMA, intended for the international trafficking of persons and goods (transit);
  • URZICENI - VÁLLAJ, intended for international trafficking in human beings (transit);
  • VALEA LUI MIHAI - NYÍRÁBRÁNY, intended for the international trafficking of persons and goods (transit);
  • BORŞ - ÁRTÁND, intended for the international trafficking of persons and goods (transit);
  • VĂRŞAND - GYULA, intended for the international trafficking of persons and goods (transit);
  • TURNU - BATONYA, intended for the international trafficking of persons and goods (transit);
  • NĂDLAC (NAGYLAK) - MAKO, intended for the international trafficking of persons and goods (transit);
  • NĂDLAC 2 (highway) - CSANÁDPALOTA, intended for the international trafficking of persons and goods (transit);
  • CURTICI - LOKOSHAZA - intended for the railway traffic of persons and goods;
  • SALONTA - MÉHKERÉK, intended for rail traffic of persons.
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