"Unim Romania" will take wings from 22 June!

"Unim Romania" is a project by Blue Air developed by Cristian Dumitru in partnership with fly-ra.com and with the support of the sponsors: Hotel Unirea (Iași); Paradis Vacante de Vis Agency (Constanța); Direct Airport transport company (Constanța); Hotel Check Inn (Timisoara).

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At the beginning of the year, our colleague, with his fingers, Cristian Dumitru, had a nice idea about a ro-aero-trip. Analyzing the domestic flight network developed by Blue Air, managed to make a very attractive program, which includes 5 flights in 4 days, on the route: Bucharest - Cluj - Constanța - Timișoara - Iași - Bucharest.

PHOTO: Ovidiu T. Vereș / Blue Air in Cluj-Napoca

We unite Romania

The members of the plane enthusiast community fly-ra.com they have responded positively to this idea, they have contributed to shaping the project, and here we are just a step away from putting it into practice.


During the period 22-25 June, "Unim Romania" gets wings! 14 passionate about airplanes, including myself, we will travel through Romania and show the advantages of flying by plane, uniting the most important cities of the homeland.

We will make the trip live and will keep you updated with our flights, with the activities carried out within the project. To keep up to date with what happened in #UnimRomania, I invite you to like the page We unite Romania, the page Airlines Travel and read us daily Airlinestravel.ro!

We are glad because Cristian's idea came to fruition in this beautiful project. At the same time, "#UnimRomania" managed to attract different local partners, which will make our trip easier.

We thank Blue Air for the support and for being able to develop a very attractive domestic flight network, which supports those who want to travel faster through Romania.

We thank the sponsors Hotel Unirea (Iasi); Agency Vacant Paradise of Vis (Constant); transportation company Direct Airport (Constanta) and Hotel Check Inn (Timisoara) because they have responded positively to our requests and want to be part of this daring project.

That being said, we still have to pack our bags and count the days until # UnimRomania #. Keep an eye on us!

  1. George says

    A weekly flight on the Iasi-Constanta route and return does not seem to me to be a too developed domestic network.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      One flight on Iasi - Constanta, one on Timisoara - Constanta etc.… There are tourist flights. If until now there were no domestic flights to Constanta, this year Blue Air manages to connect Constanta with the main cities of Romania. It's a start 🙂

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