Unvaccinated people will no longer be able to travel by train and plane

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Canada has adopted new restrictive measures at the local level. Unvaccinated passengers over the age of 12 will not be able to board a passenger plane or a train. The COVID-19 test will no longer be useful for most people. So we repeat: unvaccinated people will no longer be able to travel by train and plane to Canada.

The federal government adopted these measures on October 30, but a established a short transition period during which it allowed unvaccinated passengers to board a train or plane COVID-19 negative PCR test performed 72 hours before travel. 

However, Canada reacted harshly to the emergence of the new Omicron variant, implementing the new and strict requirement this week.

The discovery of the new variant has led to more border closures and controls in Canada, as well as in other countries and regions for fear of its impact or that it could be more transmissible and dangerous. Too little information is still known about the new strain, except that it has 36 mutations, twice as many as the Delta version had.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the risk associated with the Omicron variant is very high. However, according to the South African doctors who identified him, those infected with the new strain had very mild symptoms and did not need hospitalization.

In this context, the Canadian government has established that anyone entering Canada or boarding a plane or train inside the country must be completely vaccinated. At present, there is no obligation to comply with quarantine, except for people who have recently passed through southern Africa. It should be noted that when entering Canada, another test is performed, and people must be isolated until the result is received.

Canadian airlines will check the status of each passenger. The use of masks and medical examinations are also mandatory.

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