Update: Elon Musk, Angelina Jolie were not at the Halloween party organized at Bran Castle, Romania!

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Update: As we anticipated, Elon Musk, Angelina Jolie were not at the Halloween party organized at Bran Castle, Romania! And, according to what was mentioned by the international press, in fact the party in Bran was organized by Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal.


Initial news: For a few days, the Romanian press has been writing about a party ordered by Elon Musk, which will be organized on Halloween at the Bran Castle. Big names from Hollywood, as well as some of the richest people on the planet, are announced at it. Very nice and we are glad that such people chose to travel to Romania, even for 2-3 days.

Elon Musk, in Romania?

right newspapers.com, they will be at the party Sergey Brin (founder of Google), Luke Nosek (co-founder of PayPal), Steve jurvetson (founder of Hotmail and current board member of Space X), Larry Page (co-founder of Google) as well as several celebrities from the art world.

More than 200 guests are expected at the Halloween party in Bran

Through the Romanian press, there is information that approximately 200 people will participate in the party, including a Romanian - Ovidiu Toma, CEO of CryptoDATA. Everything is organized in secret, without refutations or clear confirmations about the presence of Elon Musk in Romania. A post made on twitter, in which Elon Musk mentions fresh bread and pastries, cannot deny or confirm.

The guests are accommodated in luxury villas in the Bran - Poiana Brașov area, and a first party took place at a tourist farm, or rather a stable, in Poiana Brașov. The owner of Tesla hired a director to organize Dracula's Experience. According to sources, a well-known cheerleader group from Târgoviște, Dracula's Girls, will be present at the castle.

Most of those invited to the party arrived in Romania by private planes, some landing in Bucharest, and the transfer to Bran was made by helicopters. There are also voices that say that Elon Musk would have landed in Brașov, but it is not officially confirmed. The runway and the lighting system were tested the other day, and the local authorities are proud of the idea that Brașov will once again be a border town.

Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, allegedly rented Bran Castle

There are still voices that say that in fact Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, allegedly rented Bran Castle and together with his business partner, Matt Danzeisen, would have handled the organization. In fact, it doesn't even matter who organized or rented, as long as these people come to Romania. A Swedish firm has reportedly been contracted for security services, and VIP guests have code names based on access passes.

Bran Castle one of the the most beautiful castles in Romania, a special place reminiscent of Dracula, is ideal for such a Halloween themed party. It's a joyous occasion, but we can't make the most of this opportunity because Elon Musk's presence is not confirmed. But it's a good PR moment for the Bran area and Romania. Maybe this way the number of foreign tourists who will travel to our country will increase!

In conclusion, we also mention the amusement of the Romanians regarding this party, more through the lens of the information published in the press. It's not bad because such parties are organized and such valuable people visit Romania, literally and figuratively, but this sensationalism is supported by a lot of uncertainty regarding Musk's arrival in our country.

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