Hurricane Sandy and losses of about 200 million dollars

Hurricane Sandy and losses of about 200 million dollars for airlines

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Hurricane Sandy broke out over the east coast of the United States at the end of October 2012. There were days of panic, torrential rains and strong wind. On 29 October, over 7000 flights were canceled, following on 30 October their number reaching 11 000. The final balance is one above expectations. masFlight reported over 20700 of canceled flights between October 27 and November 1.

Analyst Michael Linenberg presented a report on the impact of Hurricane Sandy on airlines' revenues. The analysis drew the line and mentioned the amount of 200 of millions of dollars, money that major carriers in the United States lost during the hurricane. In 2011, Hurricane Irene was a little softer. It resulted in the cancellation of 13 000 flights and damages of approximately 100 of millions of dollars were recorded.

Analyst Hunter Keay presented its estimates of the losses recorded by the largest US air carriers:

American Airlines: about 30 million dollars
Delta Air Lines: about 50 million dollars
JetBlue Airways: about 20 million dollars
Southwest Airlines: about 10 million dollars
Spirit Airlines: about 5 million dollars
United Continental: about 45 million dollars
US Airways: about 30 million dollars

The number of flights canceled and the financial estimates were made only to air carriers in the United States and Canada. Let us not forget that there were canceled flights by other carriers, from other continents. I am reminded here of Air France-KLM, Emirates, British Airways, Etihad, Lufthansa and the list can go on.

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