US Airways on the last flight - US Airways Flight 1939

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After 76 years of continuous flights and activity, US Airways will disappear as a brand. The "marriage" between US Airways and American Airlines moves to the next level, when the 2 booking platforms will merge and all flights will be operated under the American Airlines brand.

It all started on 14 April 2013, when American Airlines "fell in love" with US Airways and proposed to her in "marriage." The announcement of the merger came shortly after American Airlines has announced its rebranding, which foreshadowed the union of the two major US airlines. The merger process was slow over the course of two years, during which time the 2 brands existed in parallel.

For the most part, the US Airways fleet has been rebranded in the US, but there are still some aircraft (especially A320 and regional aircraft) with the US Airways logo and we will be able to admire them in flight until the end of 2016.

US Airways will leave the aviation scene by operating the last flight - US Airways Flight 1939, 1939 being the year he started flying. The last flight will be on the segment San Francisco - Philadelphia. Flight 1939 took off Friday morning from Philadelphia to San Francisco via Charlotte and Phoenix. The return flight will take off at 21: 55 on Friday, landing at Philadelphia around 07: 00 in the morning, Saturday.

Flight AA1939 / US1939 is operated by an Airbus A321-200 aircraft, having the route: Philadelphia - Charlotte - Phoenix - San Francisco - Philadelphia. Below is the flight schedule:

DO NOT PHL 1939: 10 - 05: 12 CLT 04: 14 - 35: 16 PHX 01: 17 - 10: 19 SFO 12: 21 - 55: 06 + 18 PHL

Goodbye, US Airways!

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