US Airways will exit Star Alliance if it merges with American Airlines

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US Airways has announced its intention to merge with the bankrupt airline operator American Airlines. The discussions were open at the beginning of the year and it seems that things are going well and not in the direction of the merger. Doug Parker, chief executive of US Airways, negotiates with American Airlines leaders and unions.

The merger of US Airways / American Airlines can be a great solution for 2 companies, offering facilities to reduce costs and complement routes, but can also create a balance on the US market, in competition with Unite / Continental and Delta.

The merging of the two major US air carriers, US Airways and American Airlines, can produce major movements in air alliances as well.

CEO Doug Parker said US Airways is feeling great in the Star Alliance family, but will choose to go to OneWorld, the alliance with American Airlines. This would also lead to a balance within the 3 major global alliances.

Delta Air Lines remains with SkyTeam, the alliance of which Air France, Tarom, KLM, etc. Unite / Continental remains in the Star Alliance, and the new US Airways / American Airlines group would join OneWorld.

Jeff Smisek, CEO of UNITED, told the Financial Times that the departure of US Airways from the Star Alliance would be a loss, but the merger with American Airlines would make up for it.

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