Will Ernest Airlines fly to Bucharest and Iasi?

Last day, information about a low-cost carrier from Italy and some routes announced to Romania appeared. Will Ernest Airlines fly to Bucharest and Iasi?

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The other day, I read on Italian forums about the new routes that would be inaugurated by Ernest Airlines, a low-cost Italian operator based in Milan. Among the mentioned routes we saw: Genoa - Bucharest, Verona - Bucharest, Verona - Iași and Torino - Iași.

Ernest Airlines in Bucharest and Iași

We do not doubt the airline Ernest Airlines, which operates flights to destinations in Italy, Albania and Ukraine. But the way these ads are made, slightly hesitant, without too much information and without a correlation with airport statements.

Iasi Airport denies the existence of an operating agreement with the air carrier Ernest Airlines! In other words, Iasi Airport denies the Turin - Iasi and Verona - Iasi routes.

Obviously, it raises questions about the seriousness of the rumors. We expect this information to be officially announced in Romania as well. Or disabled, as the case may be. At the moment, we are skeptical! Air Vallée also announced an avalanche of routes to Romania, but they went bankrupt in 2016 after 29 for years.

Regarding the routes to Romania, which would have been announced by Ernest Airlines, the information does not appear public on the airline's website. Even its representatives have not yet responded to our requests by email.

On the social channels of the airline, the only new routes mentioned are Rome - Lviv and Milan Malpensa - Lviv.

Ernest Airlines is a young airline that debuted in the summer of 2016. It has a fleet of 2 A319 and A320 aircraft, with other 2 Airbus A320 aircraft joining the fleet. Fly on domestic routes to Italy, and international flights are focused on Tirana (Albania); Kiev (Ukraine) and Lviv (Ukraine).

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