1 December holiday, spent in Bușteni (PHOTO)

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The beginning of this month took us to logs. I took advantage of the mini-the holiday of 1 December and we chose to spend a few days at the foot of the mountain. Busu also announced snow, so we stopped thinking, we got ready and went to Bușteni.

Sledding from 1 December to 2016

The resort welcomed us with frost, but without snow. At first we were a little disappointed, but I was hoping for a flurry in the 3 vacation days. And our thoughts were heard. On the evening of December 1, it began to snow. Not loud, but beautiful to admire. We roamed the center of Busteni, we photographed, froze and retired to the room.

The next morning we woke up with a white landscape. We went out to enjoy the little snow that fell overnight. We were looking for a place to have breakfast, a coffee, and the steps led us to the Caraiman restaurant. We were not very pleased, but neither were we disappointed.

After we charged our batteries, we left for the resort. We chose to visit Cantacuzino Castle, which I recommend to you. We were guided through the castle by a local guide, who told us about the life of the Cantacuzin dynasty, about architecture, furniture, etc.



On our way out, we were greeted by heavy snow. Seeing the situation, we retired for lunch at the House of Anteței, where we also lingered 2-3 hours, forced by the circumstances. Outside it was starting to snow very hard, if you didn't see it a few meters ahead, and the wind was getting cold. In a few hours, Busteni dressed in a white coat several inches.

We were sad because the weather did not allow us to enjoy walks through the resort, but at the same time we were happy with the snow.

But the big surprise came on December 3, when the sun was reflected in the layer of fresh manure, and the sky was deep blue. Do an exercise in imagination: December 2 - snow, blizzard, strong frost and wind; December 3 - sun, clear sky and a bright blue. It was the ideal time to enjoy the slide and a chairlift ride.

(Photos taken with ASUS ZenFone 3 (ZE552KL))

The Kalinderu slope was not ready to receive tourists, but the sled slope was full. With little, with sea, we enjoyed the sun, snow, sledge and a boiled wine drunk on the mountain.

It was a busy weekend on Prahova Valley, but I made the reservation in advance at Vila Laura, an accommodation unit located very close to Busteni Railway Station, but also to the central area. The view is dreamy!



It has 2 daisies and offers decent accommodation conditions. We liked it because it is a warm, comfortable villa and we had a good time! No meals included, but you have a kitchen and you can prepare your breakfast or coffee. There is also a fridge where you can store your food.

For the less demanding, we recommend Villa Laura for your holidays in Bușteni!



We chose to eat at the restaurants in the resort. We recommend the House of Anteței. Decent prices, good food, ok service. Despite the crowded December 1, the staff was moving well.

This was our short story, from 1 December to 2016, which was sprinkled with mistletoe, snow, sleet, boiled wine and relaxation!

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