Vaccination can stop the COVID-19 pandemic in about two years!

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Alexander Semenov, head of the branch of the State Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology in Yekaterinburg, said vaccination could stop the COVID-19 pandemic in about two years. According to his research and studies, pandemics that cause respiratory infections normally last about three years. The COVID-19 pandemic has been "terrorizing" the world for over 1.5 years.

In three seasons, the global collective immunity should appear and thus the pandemic should lose its force, but this happens when there are no vaccines. But humanity has managed to develop some effective vaccines against the new coronavirus and new strains. Thus, if people were vaccinated, humanity would be able to stop the pandemic in about two years. Globally, more than 3.6 billion doses of vaccine have been given, at least so the authorities said.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is the first such level in the modern era, ie in the last 100 years. Nobody knows how and how it will evolve. There were many mistakes in the middle made by people and authorities, many false or alarming information that left room for interpretation and conspiracies.

What is certain is that, so far, over 4 million people have died due to complications caused by the infection. At the same time, 190 million people have been infected with the new coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. To date, more than 170 million people have been declared cured, but many have remained in good health.

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