Valencia - Craiova with Ryanair, from November 3, 2016

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Update 18.02.2016: Flight schedule Craiova - Valencia!

FR 9395 Craiova 18:35 - 22:45 Valencia Thursday
FR 9395 Craiova 09:30 - 13:40 Valencia Sunday

FR 9394 Valencia 16:00 - 18:10 Craiova joi
FR 9394 Valencia 06:55 - 09:05 Craiova Sunday

Ryanair announced today, 17 February, a new route from Craiova to / from Valencia, starting with 3 November 2016, which will bring over 33,000 of customers per year to Craiova Airport (3 Ryanair airport in Romania). The new route will be operated with a frequency of 2 weekly flights.


Route Frequency Release date Price
Valencia       2 x week 3 November 24.99€

Ryanair celebrates the launch of its new route from Craiova to Valencia by selling promotional seats starting from 24.99 EURO for travel in November. These promotional places can be booked directly from, until late at midnight, Wednesday (24 February).

Photo: Radu Vinteanu

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