See which plane suits you according to your zodiac sign

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It's September 1st and summer is over. We will not be able to fully enjoy it because the pandemic with the new coronavirus has taken over our holidays. At the same time, the year 2020 was tense, with major changes in our lives, for everyone.

So we decided to sprinkle some more fun articles with September. We need to shrink our foreheads, to maintain our sense of humor in these difficult times.

Because we love airplanes and travel and because Mercury was in retrograde in 2020, we thought of making an association between airplanes and zodiac signs. Depending on your zodiac sign, see which plane suits you.

virgin a320
VIRGIN: Airbus A320
Loyal and trustworthy, that's the first impression. You like to sit in your comfort zone.
gemeni A220
GEMINI: Airbus A220
You are young and you have a lot to say. You like to be always on the move.
Leo A380.
LEU: Airbus A380
When you get to your destination, you like to let everyone know.
rac boeing 747
RAC: Boeing 747
You are recognized as the Queen of the Skies. You were born a leader and everyone worships you.
sagittator a340
You have a sense of humor and you are a nonconformist. You fly against the "current".
scorpion A320neo
SCORPIO: Airbus A321neo
Everyone knows you're brave. Don't shy away from flying with the strongest.
Taurus 767.
TAUR: Boeing 767
You are trustworthy and people can always count on you.
varsator 787
AQUARIUS: Boeing 787
You have been and are a progressive and independent. You don't care what others say about you.
fish A350
FISH: Airbus A350
You are pragmatic, intuitive and very attentive to those around you, but many do not deserve you.
balanta Boeing 777
BALANCE: Boeing 777
Don't get involved in other people's drama. You take your job seriously.
ram 757
ARIES: Boeing 757
You are not afraid to fly when other planes avoid doing so.
capricorn A330
Capricorn: Airbus A330
You like to be responsible, you like stability. You're not the soul of the party, but you're having fun.

Don't mess with it. That's how it's written in the sky of planes!

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