fbpx 11 years of Wizz Air and a fresh brand

11 years of Wizz Air and a refreshed brand (Video)

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On 19 May 2015, Wizz Air celebrated 11 years of activity. It was founded in September 2003, with an ambitious goal of being a low-cost airline operating in Central and Eastern Europe. The first Wizz Air flight took off from Katowice, Poland, on 19 May 2004. Having successfully done so, the company continues to grow and announced the launch of the refreshed brand and new livery.

noul livery wizz air
new livery wizz air

In the first 11 years of activity, the airline transported 90 millions of passengers and grew from a newcomer to 59 aircraft and more than 380 routes into 38 countries. Customer-focused from the beginning, Wizz Air announces a number of new enhancements designed to create a better passenger experience.

WIZZ has started a project to rejuvenate its brand, and the launch of the refreshed brand and new livery demonstrates the company's continued commitment to providing a positive experience to its customers. The WIZZ brand now has a new, more vibrant, sophisticated look, and some of the services implemented in collaboration with the branding initiative are:

Today Allocation of seats in all transport networks
New types of pricing (Basic and Plus) for easier choice of low base rates or low rates associated with the most popular comfort services
During 2015 Upgrades to the site for faster and easier bookings
Launch the smartphone version of the site Wizz Air
function Lowest Finder Finder (lowest rate) on the website
Wizz Tours vacation packages will be available in several countries in 2015
The new A320 and A321 aircraft will be delivered with the new livery
New interior in the A321 aircraft starting in November
New uniforms in the colors of the refreshed brand

At the same time, Wizz Air presented the new uniforms.

Noile uniforme wizz air
New wizz air uniform
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