(Video 360) Airbus Cockpit A380 Emirates

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On 19 June, Emirates, the largest airline operator Airbus A380, presented the first 360 grade video tour in the super-jumbo cockpit.

Video 360 - Cockpit Airbus A380 Emirates

(To enjoy 360 video, move your mobile device or browse the touch screen. If you are using a desktop, click on the video and drag from any angle you want.)

You can watch Commander Thomas Ziarno and First Officer Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Busaeedi in action. In the video you will see the presentation of the orders of the largest passenger plane in the world.

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On 21 June (today), Emirates will receive the 80 Airbus A380 aircraft, and 62 are currently delivering. From 1 July, Emirates will fly with A380 to Vienna, being the 41 super-jumbo destination covered by the Arab operator's network.

Emirates has the largest fleet of widebody aircraft, with an average age of 5.6 years. Over 4000 pilots work for Emirates. About 2500 pilots are on the Boeing 777 aircraft fleet, and 1400 on the Airbus A380 aircraft fleet. The 250 double-aisle planes fly to 155 from destinations in 81 countries. In 2016, Emirates will hire 700 pilots.

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