(Video) Bucharest - Nuremberg with Wizz Air - landing in Nuremberg

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During the period 28-31 May 2015, at the invitation of the German Tourism Organization, I was on a trip to Nuremberg and Coburg. The flights Bucharest - Nuremberg - Bucharest were operated by Wizz Air, the largest low cost company in Central and Eastern Europe.

For me it was the first flights with Wizz Air and I was left with beautiful memories, beyond expectations. Despite criticism from many passengers, the flights were quiet and pleasant from all points of view. It is true that Wizz Air is a low cost company, but this does not mean that they always have lower prices. From my point of view, low-cost means less services in the basic package of the ticket, and each one will pay additional services according to the needs. Low cost also means the operation of flights to secondary airports, some of them being located at considerable distances from the cities of interest. But this did not apply to the Nurnberg airport, which is at 5 Km from the city center.


I took off at 19: 25 in Bucharest and landed on the only runway at Albrecht Dürer Airport, Nuremberg, around 20: 40, at the station to catch a sunset.

The return flight took off from Nurnberg a little late, but it was an isolated case. According to the schedule, the plane takes off at 21: 10 from Nurnberg and lands in Bucharest at around 00: 20.


Following these flights and beyond, I was left with two questions and trying to find the answers. Since May, Wizz Air introduced tickets. Eventually you can change your place by paying a fee between 1 EURO and 23 EURO, depending on the line, position, space, etc. And now the question: If everything is so clear, why do people form endless queues at the boarding station, sometimes long before boarding begins?

The second question concerns applause, a gesture I have encountered on several flights. Why does the world applaud the landing?

Going back to the flights Bucharest - Nuremberg - Bucharest, the services on board were ok, as I expected on the low-cost flights. Considering that the ticket price does not include catering services, you pay what you consume. The prices seemed ok: 1 EURO a chocolate bar, 2 EURO a horn, 3 EURO a coffee, 4-5 EURO a sandwich, the juices on 2 EURO, other drinks have prices between 3 and 6 EURO .

About places and sizes, I was pleased. I am 1.80 meters high, so I can sit quietly on a low-cost chair. I can say that I had enough space on my feet, instead of sticking to the chair neighbor, it was an experience similar to that experienced at the Economy Class in Lufthansa.

Tip: I have seen that most of the problems arise on boarding. Luggage dimensions are not respected, or they are too heavy, the number of cabin luggage is not respected, etc. I myself experienced such a situation and needed some help from my colleagues. But I understood the Wizz Air policy very well and admit that I have no object.

In my experience, you will have no problems boarding if you follow the airline's operating policy. Observe the weight and dimensions of the cabin baggage and board the aircraft without "arguing" with those at the gate. Some companies are more permissive, but others are more drastic and will follow the rules on board as specified. Before you fly with a particular airline operator, it is a good idea to document yourself and see what you are allowed and what you are not allowed to take with you, how the cabin baggage is numbered, check the weight, etc.

I conclude by announcing that Wizz Air is changing its Bucharest - Nuremberg - Bucharest flight schedule. Starting in August, flights will no longer be operated in the evening. I always choose flights in the evening or in the morning because I want to enjoy full days at my destination. Lunch is not very advantageous.

The new Bucharest - Nuremberg - Bucharest flight schedule:

W6 3101: Bucharest 11:30 - 12:45 Nuremberg
W6 3102: Nuremberg 13:15 - 16:25 Bucharest

About the experience in Nurnberg and Coburg I will tell you in another article!

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