(Video) A Boeing 777-200ER has successfully operated on Sibiu International Airport

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16 June 2015 will remain in the archives of Sibiu International Airport because it was a special one. An aircraft of the type Boeing 777-200ER landed at this airport. For the first time in Transylvania, the landing of the first type aircraft Boeing 777-200ER belonging to Omni Air International at SIBIU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, local 9.00 time, was a success!

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The choice to land at the airport in SIBIU, for carrying out support flights during a military exercise, was influenced by the technical-operational characteristics offered by the AIS airport infrastructure, these meeting the minimum operating conditions for an aircraft of similar capacity.

Boeing 777-200-2ER Sibiu

Several readers asked us why this flight was so publicized and what was special about it. Given that it was the first Boeing 777-200ER aircraft in Sibiu I think it can say a lot. Neither the airport nor the aircraft stand out if we take them separately, but together they have generated a major interest.

Video / The Triple Seven taking off from SIBIU! Click (Click HD) #sibiu #sibiuairport

Posted by SIBIU International Airport on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This flight demonstrated that the airport in Sibiu is also ready to receive large capacity aircraft. It is not enough to have a compatible runway, but you also need the platform and the treadmill to be able to maneuver an aircraft like the Boeing 777-200ER. The infrastructure and the staff of the Sibiu International Airport have shown that they can.

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