(Video) Passed 500 from airports in 151 countries, on 6 continents

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Andras Foldvari, a traveler aged 63, has traveled through 500 airports. This threshold was reached in the autumn of last year. The eleventh transited airport was Iğdır, Turkey. The trip was made possible with the support Turkish Airlines.

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By the age of 62, Andras Foldvar traveled to 151 countries, from 6 continents, and traveled 499 from airports. It flew over 3.5 millions of miles, the equivalent of 86 bypasses of the Earth or 9 journeys to the Moon.


"From childhood I was curious to learn new things. My goal has always been to explore and discover new things. To satisfy my curiosity, I began to move against life. " said Andras Foldvari.

How many countries have you visited and how many airports did you travel to?

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