VIDEO: Aviation crash in Russia, FZ981 FlyDubai flight

(Video) Aviation crash in Russia with 62 victims. Boeing 737-800 FlyDubai (A6-FDN) crashed on landing

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Update 19.03.2016, 17: 00: According to the site, below is a timeline of the events that took place from the Boeing 737-800 FZ981 FlyDubai aircraft to the moment of impact.

Timeline of events (times in UTC):
17: 45 FZ981 scheduled time of departure
18: 22 FZ981 pushed back from E18 Stand at Dubai Airport
18: 37 FZ981 starts takeoff from 30R runway at Dubai Airport
19: 14 FZ981 reaches cruising altitude of FL360
22: 16 FZ981 starts descent from FL360
22: 20 FZ981 scheduled arrival time
22: 23 S71159 (an Airbus A319 from Moscow-Domodedovo) lands after it's first approach to runway 22
22: 28 U62758 (an Airbus A320 from Khudzhand) lands after it's first approach to runway 22
22: 39 FZ981 starts final approach to runway 22 at Rostov Airport
22: 42 FZ981 aborts first approach at 1725 ft, ​​6.7 km short of the runway
22: 49 FZ981 reaches 8000 feet and heads to the northeast of the airport
22: 54 SU1166 (a Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B from Moscow-Sheremetyevo) aborts the first approach to runway 22
23: 07 SU1166 aborts the second approach to runway 22
23: 17 SU1166 aborts the third approach to runway 22
23: 20 SU1166 diverts towards Krasnodar
23: 20 FZ982 scheduled return flight time to Dubai
23: 27 FZ981 integers holding pattern at 15000 feet to the southeast of the airport
00: 28 FZ981 leaves the holding pattern and descends for a second approach
00: 36 FZ981 intercepts the runway 22 localizer at 10 NM from the runway
00: 40 FZ981 aborts second approach at 1550 ft, ​​5.6 km short of the runway
00: 41 FZ981 impacts airport terrain after a steep descent from 3975 feet

Update 19.03.2016, 16: 45: Passenger identification could begin as early as Saturday. Over 870 specialists from different organizations work at the accident site. Over 170 vehicles were also allocated. Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov said the repair to the Rostov-on-Don airport runway will take at least 10 hours.

Currently, according to statements made by Vasily Golubev, the governor of the Rostov region, contact with relatives of 47 victims from the 55 on board the plane. Relatives of foreign nationals, who died following the accident, can receive a visa from Russia through a simplified procedure.

Update 19.03.2016, 15: 35: The black boxes were recovered, and investigators said they were in "normal condition." The Russian Ministry of Defense has joined the recovery operation following the crash of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The military airport, Rostov-Central, is ready to open the runway for the Ministry of Emergency aircraft.

Ghaith Al-Ghaith, FlyDubai CEO, has ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack in the 62 casualty accident. He said the pilots did not emit an emergency signal. The Cypriot commander of the aircraft, Aristos Socratous, was over 5700 flight hours, and the aircraft was slightly over 5 years old. The last review was made on 21 January 2016.

Update 19.03.2016, 13: 25:

Scary images from the accident site. The remnants of the aircraft were scattered over a large area, and the passengers had no chance. The impact was violent!



We start the day with sad news. A plane crash happened last night in Russia. The aircraft Boeing 737-800 FlyDubai (A6-FDN), which operates FZ981 flight, collapsed in Rostov-on-Don, southwest Russia. According to the first information, it seems that the bad weather (heavy rain and wind) contributed to this tragedy.

A video recording shows the moment of impact, but we cannot confirm 100%!

Following the accident, 62 people lost their lives (55 passengers and 7 crew members). LifeNews reports people from Cyprus (captain), Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Spain and Seychelles as crew members. According to FlyDubai, on board the plane were 33 women, 18 men and 4 children. According to investigators, 50 of passengers were Russian citizens. FlyDubai announces that there were 44 of Russians, 8 Ukrainians, 2 Indians and Uzbek 1 on board.

Russian media announced Sunday that it will be a mourning day in the Rostov region. The families of those killed in the plane crash will receive approximately 15 000 dollars from the government. Unfortunately, the money does not bring back the lost ...

Shocking pictures from the accident site!

Communication between Boeing 737-800 FlyDubai (A6-FDN) pilots and control tower

The aircraft crashed at 50-100 meters to the left of the runway. Due to the strong wind and low visibility, the aircraft was the second approach in the landing process. Upon impact with the ground, the aircraft exploded, and the remains were scattered on the airport runway.

It remains to be seen what the investigators will say. It seems that a pilot error plus adverse weather conditions led to this accident. According to investigators, an investigation has been triggered for violating the rules of security and exploitation of air transport which, by recklessness, caused the death of several people. One of the aircraft's black boxes was recovered. Technical causes are not excluded.

Russian Investigation Committee spokesman Oksana Kovrizhnaya presented two versions of the accident: "pilot error in adverse weather conditions or a technical malfunction".

I advise some aviation specialists: due to adverse weather conditions (heavy rain and wind) and turbulence, the plane went into trouble, and the pilots could not recover it. Being in the process of landing and flying at an altitude of 200-250 meters, the aircraft fell out of control and collapsed. According to the images, which I posted in the article, the crash was violent, followed by an explosion and a fire.

PHOTO: / FZ981 flydubai plane crash
PHOTO: / FZ981 flydubai plane crash

FZ981 flight trajectory in the landing process. (Flightradar24)

Two of the flights, which were scheduled to land at Rostov-on-Don airport prior to the Flydubai accident, were diverted due to adverse weather conditions. These are the SU1166 Aeroflot flights from Moscow / scheduled to land at 02: 15 and the Czech Airlines OK914 flight from Prague / scheduled to land at 03: 25, both of which were diverted to Krasnodar.

The Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul, which was supposed to land at 03: 55, had to return to Turkey.

Boeing 737-800-Flydubai-A6-FDN

FlyDubai confirms the tragedy. It is the first aviation accident in FlyDubai history. Low cost airline from United Arab Emirates started operations at 1 June 2009. It owns a young fleet, which consists of 50 Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft.

The Boeing 737-800 FlyDubai (A6-FDN) was 5.2 years old. The first flight was operated on 21 December 2010, and on 19 January it joined the FlyDubai fleet.

Rest in peace!

The news is being updated!

  1. Radu says

    In such a bad weather, I don't think the autopilot landing was attempted, but only the ILS locator was set to align with the runway. If the landing miss was at 1550ft, and within a minute it reached 3975ft, it seems to me that they fired too much of their hand increasing the angle of attack, so he went into the stall. And at that altitude, it's harder to straighten ...

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