fbpx Video: Airbus A310 TAROM Barcelona

(Video) Airbus A310 TAROM in Barcelona - landing and taking-off

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Airbus aircraft A310-300 (YR-LCA) TAROM “Transylvania” was filmed in Barcelona. He operated the flight TAROM NONE Bucharest - Barcelona - Bucharest.

The plane is 23.2 years old. It operated the first flight in January 1992 and entered the TAROM fleet on 17 December 1992. It is powered by 2 PW4000 engines. It is configured in 2 classes: 20 seats in Business Class and 189 seats in Economy Class.

This year, the aircraft Airbus A310 TAROM were also filmed at:

Video Athens - Airbus A310 TAROM in Athens
Video Prague - Airbus A310 TAROM Prague

From 29 to March 2015, TAROM will introduce you daily flights on the route Bucharest - Barcelona!

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