(Video) Boeing 747-400 "Ed Force One" inside

(Video) Boeing 747-400 "Ed Force One" inside

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In 2016, IRON MAIDEN, the famous British heavy metal band, will have concerts on 6 continents (Australia, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Europe).

Boeing 747-Ed-Force-One

The album "The Book of Souls" will be promoted through the World Tour 2016, which will include performances in over 35 countries.

Boeing 747-400 video "Ed Force One" inside

For this tournament, IRON MAIDEN chose to fly aboard a Boeing 747-400 named "Ed Force One". It will carry the crew, crew and over 12 tons of equipment, with flights already totaling 88500 kilometers around the planet. During this tour, the aircraft will be commanded by Bruce Dickinson, soloist IRON MAIDEN.

In July, Iron Maiden will perform in Bucharest. We hope to see Ed Force One at the Henri Coandă International Airport!

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  1. […] Soon, he flew around the world with his band, in the sleeve of the famous "Ed Force One" (Boeing 747-400) and feels that piloting is just the distance from the popularity of the day.

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