Video: Boeing 747-400 EL AL (4X-ELE) in Bucharest

Video: Boeing 747-400 EL AL (4X-ELE), in Bucharest

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Today, 4 October 2015, THE AL operated LY573 / ELY573 and LY574 / ELY574 (Tel Aviv - Bucharest - Tel Aviv) flights with the aircraft Boeing 747-400 EL AL (4X-ELE). Another proof that Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport is ready to host large aircraft.

It's not the first time a jumbo jet arrives in Bucharest. There are other airlines that operate cargo or passenger flights with this type of aircraft. On 22 February 2015, a Boeing 747-400F landed in Bucharest.

Boeing 747-400 EL AL (4X-ELE)

We do not know why EL AL chose to fly with jumbo jet in Bucharest, but there is probably a higher demand from passengers and most likely more cargo.

According to information provided by Cristian Dumitru, the flights operated today with 747-400 had a good load factor. On the flight from Tel Aviv to Bucharest, there were 206 passengers (51% LF). On the return flight were 341 passengers (83% LF).

Boeing 747-400-EL-AL-Bucharest
Boeing 747-400-EL-AL-Bucharest-3
Boeing 747-400-EL-AL-Bucharest-2
Boeing 747-400-EL-AL-Bucharest-1
Boeing 747-400-EL-AL-Bucharest-5
Boeing 747-400-EL-AL-Bucharest-4

The aircraft is 21 years old. He operated the first flight on 12-10-94 and joined the Singapore Airlines fleet on 28-10-94. In the fleet EL AL entered 28-10-2008. Powered by 4 Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines. It is configured in 3 classes: 8 seats in First Class, 49 in Business and 348 seats in Economy Class.

(Photo: Mihai Voiculescu / Ghitescu Constantin and Adrian Rădulescu / Photo cover: David Dav)

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