(Video) Boeing 747-400 Transaero Airlines in livery "Siberian Tiger"

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On 22 June 2015, Amur Tiger Center and Transaero Airlines presented a joint project on the protection of the environment and rare and endangered species. The project is called "Tiger flight", and the event took place at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow.

In this project, an aircraft Boeing 747-400 Transaero Airlines was painted in livery "Siberian Tiger". With sponsorship from COALCO, the "nose" of the plane received the unmistakable head of an Amur tiger.

According to a study, the population of Siberian tigers in Russia has stabilized at 510-540 specimens, being the most endangered species. This is the reason why the joint project carried out by Amur Tiger Center and Transaero Airlines has the motto: "Caring for tigers together".

The project will also have information and awareness-raising components on environmental issues and endangered species. Transaero Airlines will publish in the on-board magazine, but also on social media channels, Wildlife sections that will highlight the problems of Amur tigers. On board the Boeing 747-400 (EI-XLN) Transaero Airlines will be able to watch documentaries made by Amur Tiger Center.

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