VIDEO: Cleaning and disinfection of Wizz Air aircraft

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I personally have over 200 flights registered in 10 years. I had the joy of flying with state-of-the-art aircraft, but I also flew with older aircraft, with damaged seat covers, worn furniture and dirt. But I always felt safe and enjoyed flying. I have never thought of diseases or something contagious, even though I am aware that airplanes carry millions of passengers.

The friends asked me what happens to the planes after each flight / several flights, especially since many of them arrive in the areas contaminated with the new one. Coronavirus.

In the current context, when the new Coronavirus "gets its head" around the world, I want to present you some pictures of the ways in which Wizz Air aircraft are cleaned and disinfected. A procedure performed at the end of the day.

Cleaning and disinfection of Wizz Air aircraft

As you can see, all surfaces of the avian are erased: armrests, seat belts, chairs, windows, parasols, tables, luggage areas, ovens and storage areas, toilets, etc.

Wizz Air operates approximately 700 daily flights, and the safety and health of passengers and cabin crew are a priority.

I should mention that the movie has a daily activity, made for all Wizz Air aircraft. It's not special for Coronavirus. On request, disinfection can be done at some airports after each flight.

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