(Video) Cyprus Airways on the ground after 68 years of flights

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On 9 January 2015, Cyprus Airways ceased operations after the European Commission established that it was illegally receiving state aid, which helped it avoid bankruptcy. At the same time, the European Commission asked Cyprus Airways to reimburse over 100 million (118 million) for aid received from the Cypriot government.

It is sad how an airline operator disappears from the market through a pen decision. It is true that the law of the European Union regarding the financing of the airline operator was not respected, but you have a knot in your neck when you see how 68 has been going for years.

The Cyprus Airways fleet consisted of 6 Airbus A320 aircraft, 5 of which were leased from CIT Commercial Air. Following the January 9 decision, the 5 aircraft (5B-DCJ, 5B-DCK, 5B-DCM, 5B-DCH and 5B-DCL) took off for England at the leasing company. They are currently parked at St Athan Airport (DGX) in England and are looking forward to a better future.

The colleagues at TheGreatFlyer filmed the emotional moment when the aircraft said goodbye and soared into the sky, for the last time in the colors of Cyprus Airways.

Not the same can be said about Cyprus Airways' A320-200 (5B-DBB). The aircraft is parked at Larnaca airport and awaits its fate. Considering he's 23 years old, it's hard to say if he'll ever fly again. Most likely it will be sold for spare parts.

The Cypriot government is committed to solving the problems of all passengers with tickets purchased on Cyprus Airways flights.

Blue Air moved quickly and opened base at Larnaca airport. From 19 to January 2015, Blue Air aircraft fly daily on the Larnaca - Athens route, and on the Larnaca - Thessaloniki route 3 or weekly.

In recent years, more and more state-owned airlines have ceased operations. Let's hope that TAROM won't have the same fate!

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