Video from the cabin of an Airbus A380 Qantas

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These days I discovered a very interesting video, especially for the fans of airplanes and the aviation industry, from the cabin of an Airbus A380 Qantas. The images were recorded as the aircraft was preparing to take off from London Heathrow Airport. In the video we see how the two pilots perform the standard checks, the aircraft runs to the take-off runway, and the movie stops when the air giant rises to the sky.

So far I have not had the opportunity to fly in the cockpit of an aircraft, but I would love to. Everything seems very complicated with so many buttons, dials and screens. I know that hundreds of hours of training are done on the ground, on the simulator and then in the air. It is not easy to get a pilot on a straight line. But everything is standardized and there are procedures for each action.

Airbus A380 Qantas

But I better let you see the video below!

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