(Video) Dismantling / Mounting an engine on an Airbus A321 SWISS aircraft

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The aircraft is the safest means of transport, an assertion based on the very small number of incidents / accidents that occur each year in relation to the increasing number of flights. Aviation is not a game and we know that it is based on procedures and rules.


The planes are carefully inspected and there is no reduction in quality. According to a statement by an aviation engineer, airplanes are classified as fit and non-flight airplanes. The old age part doesn't really matter. They are airplanes with many years of activity, but most parts can be new.

Even the engines are replaced for technical reasons, after a certain number of operating hours or to increase the efficiency by installing the new generation ones. Normally, SWISS technical division switches SWISS aircraft engines to 25 000 flight hours (after approximately 8 years).

With 13640 horsepower, the engine of an Airbus A321 is 100 times stronger than a car engine and weighs about 2.5 tons.

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