(Video) Dubai Flow Motion - luggage route at Dubai Airport (DXB)

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Have you wondered what is the baggage circuit at an airport and how does it reach us on the appropriate plane and vice versa? On Henri Coanda International Airport, Bucharest, traffic is small. 2014 of passengers served was reported for 8.321.858. 102.048 of aircraft movements (landings and take-offs) were recorded. It shouldn't be too complicated with hold luggage.

But what about one of the busiest airports in the world? Dubai International Airport (DXB) ranks 1 in international passenger traffic. 2014 70 475 passengers were reported for 636. 357 339 aircraft movements (takeoffs and landings) were recorded. The package is large, many terminals, many passengers and many airplanes.

Some of the answers come from Dubai Film. They made a beautiful video material with the luggage route from the aircraft hold and up to the passenger's hand.

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