fbpx Eclipse seen from the plane - flight LH 435 Lufthansa

(Video) Solar eclipse seen from the plane - LH 435 Lufthansa flight

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These days, pilots Lufthansa they were on strike, demanding their rights and better working conditions. Most of the short and medium flights were affected, but not the long-haul flights.

Only then was it possible for the flight passengers LH435 (Chicago O'Hare - Munich) to enjoy a rare phenomenon, solar eclipse. They received sunglasses and were able to admire the phenomenon.

Pictures from the cockpit Airbus A330-300 and from the aircraft cabin! Lufthansa it deceives us with a teaser, but we wait for the full movie

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  1. […] According to calculations, the aircraft will fly at 850km / h at an altitude of 11200 meters, and will intercept the eclipse at 1100 kilometers north of Honolulu. For those on the plane, starting at 17:35 (March 8 - local time), the sun will be completely covered for 1 minute 53 seconds. It will be a unique experience for the passengers of flight 870 Alaska Airlines, an experience also experienced by the passengers of flight LH435 (Chicago O'Hare - Munich). [...]

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