(Video) The first flight of a Boeing 747 aircraft (9 February 1969)

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On 9 February 1969, the first Boeing 747 he was getting off the ground in the first test flight, with Jack Waddell and Brien Wygle on the sleeve. That's how the history of Boeing's largest passenger plane began to be written.

Boeing 747 it was the first widebody (two-color) aircraft in aviation history and was designed to carry up to 400 passengers. It is a model derived from a military aircraft and developed with the help of airlines, in particular Pan American World Airways (Pan Am).

The first flight of a Boeing 747

Pan Am has asked the American aircraft manufacturer to produce a plane twice as large as the Boeing 707, as a result of the crowding of airports and the increase in the number of passengers.

boeing 747
Photo: airlinereporter.com / Boeing 747

Pan Am was the launch customer and introduced the first Boeing 747 on commercial flights, on January 22, 1970, on the New York - London route.

VIDEO: The story of the first flight of a Boeing 747 aircraft told by Thomas Lee

Boeing 747 was the largest passenger plane, also known as "Queen of the Skies”, Until 2007 when Airbus A380 entered the commercial service.

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