(Video) The first successful flight by Boeing 737 MAX

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On 29 January 2016, an important day for Boeing, but also for the commercial aircraft manufacturing industry, the first Boeing 737 MAX 8 took off on his first flight. The trouble is now just beginning for the 737 MAX project, following 4 aircraft in this family to operate test flights, which will lead to certification and delivery.

Boeing 737 MAX - first takeoff

Boeing 737 MAX - the first landing

First Boeing 737 MAX took off from Renton Field at 09: 46, and landed at Seattle Boeing Field at 12: 33. The flight lasted 2 hours and 47 minutes, during which pilots tested the maneuverability of the aircraft and on-board systems. A series of data was transmitted in real time to the ground flight test team in Seattle.


The aircraft was piloted by Ed Wilson, Chief Pilot 737 MAX, and Craig Bomben, Boeing Chief Test Pilot and Vice President of Flight Operations. During the flight, the maximum altitude of 25 000 feet (7 620 meters) and the speed of 463 kilometers / hour were reached.


The 737 MAX project is on the right track, the other 3 MAX 737 aircraft being in different assembly phases. Boeing announces that everything is going according to plan and will deliver the first 8 MAX aircraft to Southwest Airlines in T737 3.

Let's also point out the main benefits of the new Boeing 737 MAX family of aircraft: the new single-aisle aircraft will have a low fuel consumption, up to 20% lower compared to the first generation Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft, and will offer a lower operating / seat cost of 8% compared to the competing A320neo; the 737 MAX aircraft family will be powered by CFM International LEAP-1B engines; benefits from a new wing design - Split Scimitar Winglets; 737 MAX will provide a range up to 6510 km, with 629-1 055 km more than 737NG

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