From KLM cockpit: Boeing 747-400 KLM at Sint Maarten (Video)

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If you are passionate about airplanes, aviation, flights and travel, you have surely heard of the famous beach in Sint Maarten - Maho Beach.

It is the ideal place for lovers of airplanes and photography, but also for those who want to experience strong sensations when the "jet blast" unleashes on them. But here we also meet one of the most difficult airports in the world - Princess Juliana International.

The airport has a runway just 2 meters long, and at one end is bordered by Maho Beach. Large aircraft are forced to pass very low in front of this beach to "enjoy" the entire length of the runway.

At the end of 2014, KLM collaborated with journalist and photographer Sebastiaan Knoops to create a sensational video. On various social networks, YouTube and profile sites we can see thousands of photos and videos taken by tourists on holiday in Sint Maarten, but few are those taken from the cockpit.

Boeing 747-400 KLM la Sint Maarten

Sebastiaan Knoops flew in the cockpit of one Boeing 747-400 KLM, along with Captain Tim ten Velde and co-pilot Michel Vat, closely following the entire pre-flight preparation process, the flight across the Atlantic and landing at Sint Maarten.

The whole story can be seen on 4 video material on Before each flight, the briefing is done, then the preparation of the aircraft and the preparation of the flight.

The take off from Amsterdam Airport and the flight to the exotic destination. After 8.5 flight hours, descend and approach the landing point. Landing on the 10 runway and running to the landing point at Sint Maarten.

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