(Video) Hat-Trick Airbus A380 Emirates in Auckland

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Did you know that Auckland, New Zealand is the only destination in the world after Dubai International Airport, where you can see up to 3 Airbus A380 Emirates daily?

Emirates is the largest Airbus A380 aircraft carrier. Has 59 super jumbo in operational service and other 81 of custom aircraft. In 2014, Emirates has added 10 new destinations to the list of those operating with Airbus A380. In 2015, Emirates will receive 15 A380 aircraft. Currently, Emirates is flying with A380 to 34 destinations worldwide, and Perth will become the 35 destination (1 to 2015). Also in 2015, Dusseldorf and Madrid will enter the map of the A380 Emirates operated flights. Starting with 16 July 2014, Emirates operates the shortest flight with A380.

Videos: Night landing in Dubai - view from the cockpit of an A380 Emirates
Summary of the year 2014 for Emirates: 45,2 million passengers, 191.736 flights, 232 aircraft.

(Source: Emirates)

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